About Your Holistic Therapist Trainer

Athena-Holistics-TherapistAll too often we neglect our bodies through what we eat, drink and lifestyles we choose. And yet, without much thought, we naturally take our cars for their annual service and forget that our bodies need to be serviced at least once a year to help us uplift our general wellbeing and make us feel healthier. This will help prevent the onslaught of health problems in the future. Your outlook will change, heal yourself and change the world.

Hello I’m Debbie of Athena Holistics since using alternative therapies for my own self-healing and spiritual guidance for many years I have wanted to know more about the therapies I was receiving so that I could help people with their own self-healing and wellbeing. As a Reiki Master and practitioner since 2005 I have been on an educational quest to learn and tune myself to the natural energies around us. And what an uplifting experience I found it to be. As a qualified teacher I decided to use my skills combined with my holistic therapies to offer training and guidance in all the therapies below.

I am a qualified therapist and teacher for the following holistic therapies:

Essentially, we want to treat you and move you on as quickly as your body will allow us to. On average, our clients need approximately five treatment sessions in total to feel the real benefits. By persisting with the required number of treatments then we should not need to see you for a long time and if we do it will be just for a tweak, hopefully, over one or two sessions.

Men’s Health

My husband, Andy, is also a qualified teacher, offering various therapy treatments aimed for men as well as for women. He offers all the treatments as described above.

Andy is also a Healing Medium allowing spiritual healing on a one to one basis and also performs personal sittings making a connection with loved ones in spirit

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All our courses are Approved by Balens the specialist Insurance brokers. When you complete your course you are eligible to join Balens, at a special discounted price for your insurance cover to become a full practitioner.

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Based in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, Athena Holistics is fully insured for Holistic therapies, Training and nutritional herbal supplements.