Meditation Meetings

The meditation meetings are held at my home. We do various levels of meditation either for the beginner or for the more advanced person. The idea is to gather and help like-minded people who find it difficult to start meditation on their own and would like to have the chance to take time out of their busy schedule. It is also very good for helping you to relax, find your deeper inner self and help you become more spiritually aware.

The meetings are held weekly on Thursday afternoons and each meeting has a theme. For example we discuss the merits of Feng Shui, using positive affirmations, angel card readings, health and nutrition and various other themes.

The meditation sessions are a £2.00 donation based and refreshments will be on offer. If you are interested then please email me for further details.

Time: TBA

Donation: £2.00 each

Note: Please contact us for available space

To Arrange an Appointment - Please contact us for any enquires you may have or provide us with dates and times when you would like to make an appointment.

When you make an appointment - please download the following pdf files for completion and bring in with you on your day of the appointment: