Therapy Payment Schemes


Initial Treatment Visit

All new customers will come for their first visit as part of your initial consultation to discuss your problems and concerns and receive your chosen treatment.

Initial Visit Price: £40 (1hr treatment)

Payment Package 1 – Pay as you go Treatments

You can also pay for individual treatments as you go along after your initial treatment visit.

Price: £35 per individual 1 hr treatment

Payment Package 2 – Block Booking Treatments

Alternatively, we can offer you a block booking of 5 treatments in total, including your initial treatment visit, which will work out more cost effective for you.

Block Booking Price: £160

Payment Method: we except cash or card payment or online bank transfer

To Arrange an Appointment - Please contact us for any enquires you may have or provide us with dates and times when you would like to make an appointment.

When you make an appointment - please download the following pdf files for completion and bring in with you on your day of the appointment: