Healing with Angels – Short Course

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FullSizeRenderThis is a short taster course to introduce you to the concept of healing with angels.

If you ever wonder what angelic healing means is simply this, you will work with an energy of healing. In our bodies we have various energy systems that can and do become blocked, preventing the flow of energy in its own natural way. If you imagine a river a full flow until it comes to a stop by a damn. Our damns can be created by through the feeling of anger, fear, pain, resentment and jealousy. These create negative energies that are against our highest good in life. Angelic healing will remove these damns to enable the flow of energy around your body again. This will make you feel more alive again, more energetic with vitality and bring you more in alignment with your higher self.

Discover which angel will work with you and begin to feel the love and healing from IMG_2137 resizethe angels. Being connected with the angelic realm you will work with some of the most powerful healers of our universe as long as you ask in your mind for their help, guidence and assistance.

They work tirelessy for you, time is not a factor as it does not exist in their world as they are devouted to those who want to work with them. As soon as you ask an angel for their help they are there for you. It is their solem mission to do so for the love of mankind. They are fully supportive of you and will never  judge you even if you feel you have commited minor sins in life.

This short 2 hour course will allow you to start your journey to receive healing assistance from your angels.

Please Note: If you want to progress and be able to heal with the Angelic Realm yourself, you can advance yourself on to our Angelic Reiki course which is aiming at practitioner level, you receive an attunement, manual, practical sessions, and invite to Reiki Share. The course will make you feel confident to be able to work on clients and know the energies you are connecting to, also to enlighten you on your own path.

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