Meet your Archangels

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Arch Angels

This is a short 2 hour weekly course over 6 weeks introducing you to the various archangels who want to work with us. This is ideal for those who have already completed the Healing with Angels or the Angelic Reiki courses as part of their CPD or for those who want to use this as their starting point in readiness for progressing on to the above two courses.



One of the best known Archangels is Archangel Michael – he who is like god. He is an angel of protection and strength and makes sure all other angels and guardian angels are carrying out their duties.

Michael has been overseeing the divine’s mission on earth since before people populated the planet and he lovingly oversees our human divine life missions. He is arecord keeper and a manager, helping you and everyone else know the purpose of your life. He also guides your next step and helps you make important life changes.

Course Price: £12 per 2 hour weekly session

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