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Monthly Newsletter November 2014

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Why Nature’s Sunshine is Best of the Best

Your Life Style Analysis

The Trouble with Xmas Food and Drink

Angel Card Reading Workshop

Workshop – Money Consciousness





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WHAT IS A VIRUS? A virus is a sub-microscopic infectious agent that is unable to grow or reproduce outside a cell host.  Bugs will not take up residence if the body is not already in a poor state.  Antibiotic resistant bacteria are a major hazard in all hospitals, because of the speed bugs can multiply.  We can help our bodies prevent just about anything. Winter, especially Christmas, can be a stressful time for some people, which can make our defences drop and make us more likely to pick up a virus.  Note how many people get sick in the winter especially just after Christmas.

NATURE’S SUNSHINE SILVER SHIELD LIQUID AND GEL.  Silver Shield Liquid in suspension is lethal to viruses and bacteria and de-activates all bugs!

Silver Shields patented technology disables the specific enzyme that unwanted micro-organisms require to metabolize oxygen (breathe.)  When this enzyme becomes disabled, the micro-organisms cannot thrive. Silver Shield with Aqua Sol Technology has been effective in killing every disease organism it has been tested on and is the most potent silver product currently manufactured.  It’s non-toxic, safe and effective for adults, children, babies and pregnancy, without the risk of heavy metal contamination.  Some people do not understand silver solutions (you know who you are.)  Yes, silver is a heavy metal but solutions are safe.  Nature’s Sunshine high quality silver solution is dispersed through the body and does not accumulate; any excess is excreted through the urine.  You can only turn blue with poor quality silver.  Dentists are using Silver Shield for implants.

Tested on fifty tons of raw sewage in a pool in Michigan with huge amounts of E-Coli.  After three hours with silver no sign of E-Coli.  In the lab it took just minutes to kill MRSA in a petri-dish.  We could list so much, but you have the message.


  • Keep up defences with Zambroza to boost your immune system. Remember viruses need an unhealthy cell host to attach to. Bugs will not take residence in the body if it is in a healthy state.

    silver shield gel reduced

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  • Take a teaspoon of Silver Shield before going to bed. Children 1/4 – 1/2 teaspoon.
  • Apply Silver Shield Gel to your hands throughout the day particularly if you are out in public.  The gel applied to hands (or anywhere) kill every type of pathogen known to science for four hours.  Apply a small amount of gel at the entrance or inside your nostrils, the spot where germs enter the body.
  • Use a nasal spray bottle filled with Silver Shield liquid for the nasal passages to kill any germs that have entered there.
  • Drink half you body weight (pounds) in ounces of pure water every day and avoid foods that deplete the immune system, particularly coffee and high sugar drinks.
  • Add Silver Shield liquid to our fabulous Nature’s Sunshine concentrate for work tops and household cleaning.

Be proactive and protect yourself.  Your last line of defence, fear not!  Fear has been proven to lower your body’s immune system responses.  Wash your hands, take your Silver Shield and Zambroza, eat healthy foods.



We had a mind blowing talk from Lynda Hammons is Nature’s Sunshine Products (NSP) vice president of global quality and regulatory affairs at our National meeting.

Firstly, Nature’s Sunshine have a simple policy – to keep their doors open to everyone to go and see their facilities in Utah without any appointments. They have nothing to hide like other companies.

The first thing Lynda does when visiting organic farms is to check the washroom for soap and hot water and needless to say she is not nicknamed the terminator for nothing, because if soap and hot water isn’t in the washroom the farm does not get a second chance. They will not buy the herbs from that farm – simple!

Nature’s Sunshine employ four PHD’s along with medical physicians, scientists and chemists who strip symptoms and disease right back and have formulated products to support the body systems as one product does not fit all.

Problems in the Herbal Supplement Industry

Not all herbal supplement manufacturer’s are the same and they certainly don’t manufacture to the same vigorous quality standards

And did you know

That amongst all herbal manufacture’s its accepted to only test 5% of organic products worldwide.

That some manufacturer’s believe testing is not required due to lack of proper worldwide regulations.

Those companies who do some form of testing will only perform a batch test. In other testingwords, every so often they will test a the raw herbal ingredients and reject if found contaminated while in the meantime other batches are being processed skipping any form of testing

Up to twenty pesticides are allowed to be used for organic herbal products.
Organic farms are allowed to use several pesticides and still call their product organic.

1,600 other competitor’s products were tested by NSP last year and were found to be
very poor quality and didn’t even match label claims.

WOW! Unbelievable  

Nature’s Sunshine has a much higher class organic certification.  Every batch is tested and goes through a rigorous 600 tests to ensure purity, potency and efficacy (does what it suppose to do).  Forty two years ago when NSP first started with state of the art laboratories, their first machine could detect one drop of pesticide parts per million.  A later machine could detect one drop of pesticide parts per billion.

Today NSP scientists have the equipment to find one drop of pesticide parts per trillion which is equal to finding one drop in three Olympic sized swimming pools.

Lynda then stated that some companies own their own fields.  You cannot get the best products if you own your own fields.  NSP made the decision not to have their own fields because climate/weather etc affects the potency of the product. If it’s a bad harvest actives are not present.  NSP source the best available throughout the entire world as they want only the best containing all the actives ingredients. Whilst on the subject of actives, drugs contain only one active, which is why they have so many side effects.
85% of products in the UK are made by third party manufacturers – they are not their own products, they simple reliable, market the products and therefore don’t know what is going into them even though they may say they do!

Nature’s Sunshine spend millions every year on testing and they are so strict with their quality control, suppliers only ever get two chances, as Lynda puts it “two strikes and you’re out.”  NSP not only fully comply with the FDA, they never need to complete their full
four day inspection as there are never deficiencies.  NSP build in overage to meet the label claim to accommodate for shelf life and know everything that goes into every product.

Take a look at this 6 minute video.

Your Life Style Analysis

life styleTake the test and discover which of your body systems is showing as being weak and find out what nutritional support you will need to get your health back on track. Takes about 10 minutes to do

A series of cleverly devised questions that creates an accurate depiction of your health

Take the TEST

Warning: If a number of your systems are showing poor health then only take one or maximum of two key system products for a minimum period of 90 days. Take for less than this or take intermittently or not the correct dosage will not achieve optimal results.

If, after 90 days you feel no better results from the course of herbal supplements then get 90 days money back guarantee.

The Trouble with Xmas Food & Drink

We all know Xmas is a time for children and it’s also a time for us adults. A special time to relax, drink and eat plenty.

After a few days…………it’s the “Oh No”!……can’t fit in to my trousers or skirt and the weighing scale is really telling you lies isn’t it?. Laugh!!

But you know what……so what. We work hard all year round so why not xmasjust let go just for a few days.

The eventful seasonal frolics and over indulgence of beige foods (what we like to call: white bread, pastries, pasta etc) will most likely make you feel sluggish, guilty and most of all very bloated. Does this ring a bell? So what can we do?

How to Feel Good this Xmas

During the festive season you can take two very appropriate Nature’s Sunshine products namely: Fat Grabbers and Carbo Grabbers. Yes, I’ll admit the names of these are rather gimmicky but nonetheless, they are extremely effective for reasons below. You can take Fat and Carbo grabbers together to maximise weight loss but take them as prescribed on the label.

Fat Grabbers

To read the product labels for Fat Grabbers and Carbo Grabbers  go to the link “To Buy Click Here” for the relevant product.

fat grabbers 2937

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Fat Grabbers is an ideal product for anyone wanting to absorb less fat from their everyday diet. No stimulants, no questionable ingredients – just wholesome nutritional substances that won’t disrupt normal body processes.

Fat Grabbers combines the high-quality fibre found in Guar Gum and Psyllium Hulls with Chickweed and Lecithin for a unique formula that traps fat molecules.

Extensive research on Guar Gum and Psyllium Hulls indicates their effectiveness in minimising the absorption of fat. They are both mucilants meaning they increase in size when combined with water. They also absorb toxins and fats.

Lecithin is an emulsifier (it converts fat into water) as well as  a nutrient that works to break down fat, making it easier for the fibres to trap it. Chickweed contains saponins that also act as fat emulsifiers.

Using Fat Grabbers in conjunction with a sensible dietary plan will help you create an effective overall weight-management programme. All elements of Fat Grabbers provide nutrients to help absorb less dietary fat, and they all enjoy a long history of safe use. You can use this product with Carbo Grabbers

carbo grabbers 2954

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Carbo Grabbers

This product can be taken with Fat Grabbers to maximise weight loss. Now you can partially block the processing of dietary starches with all-natural Carbo Grabbers.

Carbo Grabbers helps prevent weight gain from carbohydrate (starch) intake as undigested starches are carried into the intestinal tract where the body can eliminate them. It naturally and safely reduces the available calories your body may otherwise convert to fat.

Carbo Grabbers contains an extract from northern white kidney beans. Recent studies have shown that the equivalent of 2 capsules of this white bean extract reduces 50 percent of the carbohydrates in a meal.

Take one or two capsules before a high carbohydrate meal.

Plus Extra Tips to Feeling Better

Why not do a Life Style Analysis on yourself and see where you are in terms of your bodily systems. Click on the link above.

And also we can give you free tips on how to do a complete body Healthy Starter Detox that’ll make you feel fantastic afterwards. Just need to email us on this one..

Angel card Reading Workshop

A full day Training Workshop dedicated to teaching you how to connect with your Angel Cards and to read and interpret the message given using a pendulum. Learning the art of passing on messages that are so important at the time for the recipient’s highest good to enable them to move positively with their lives or break down barriers preventing their progress in life is both rewarding and very satisfying.

Learn to connect with the Angelic Realm and your loved ones in the spirit world.

You will receive a pack a free pack angel cards which will be personally chosen for you, also notes to take away on the day. There will be more Angel Cards to purchase on the day as well as Pendulums.

Maximum of 6 people please. It truly is Amazing!! These workshops as advertised on our facebook page.

Date: 29th  Nov’14      Time: 10-2pm

Cost: £60

Workshop – Money Consciousness

Attract money in your life

Allow wealth to flow to you in abundance

Learn to unblock those barriers to becoming more financially better off.

Special Louise Hay workshop – Money Consciousness. Course notes will be provided and refreshments.

Workshop commences 22nd Nov’14.

Time: 9.00am till 1.00pm

Cost £24     (Only two Places left)



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