Touch for Health Proficiency


When you have completed all four levels for Touch for Health Kinesiology we can also offer you the opportunity to become an instructor to teach the Levels 1 to 4 to your own students. To accomplish this you will need to complete the Proficiency Course as detailed below and also complete the Proficiency Assessment at the end

At the end of Touch for Health Proficiency students will be also be able to

  • Integrate all aspects of the TFH synthesis to work effectively with others
  • Enhance balancing using the Law of 5 Elements and goal statements
  • Use more in depth knowledge of posture to increase effectiveness
  • Educate others about the benefits of muscle monitoring
  • Demonstrate competence and prepare for optional assessment
  • Fulfil the prerequisites for the Instructor Training Workshop
  • Understand how to move into Touch for Health Professional Training

Touch for Health Proficiency Course

Learn new tools to enable you to consolidate your knowledge, explore ways to help
others more effectively and progress towards working professionally