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Healing Medium

Healing Medium

As a healing medium I work with my spirit guide and I am simply channeled through allowing the healing energies to flow through me while I am in trance to pass those energies into the patient. Trance is an altered state of consciousness to allow the connection and blending of minds between myself and my spiritual guide.While sitting with my patient I do not know what the spiritual intelligences are doing or what the patient requires in terms of healing. As a healing medium I allow my body to be used in love and light for the healing process.

When I meet you for the first time or when you communicate with me to arrange a sitting  may I request that you do not let me know as to what your health conditions are. Knowing this will simply focus my mind on that particular part of the body where by I need to be in a complete passive state of mind to effect the healing more so.


How does it work?

The patient simply sits in a chair adjacent to the healing medium. While in a semi altered state of consciousness the healing medium will speak very briefly to the patient to explain what to expect within the next 30 minutes. Then the healing will commence. That’s how long the healing process will take to complete. Within those 30 minutes it appears that maybe nothing will happen other than the healing medium will place his one hand on top of your shoulders and go very quiet. At the end of the healing treatment I will come out of trance and ask you how you are feeling, what you felt and why you came to see me today.

My Clients

As a patient you may feel strange occurrences during the process, what every patient feels is very individual based on their healing needs at the time. Or you may not feel anything at all. Know one knows until after the event. For some of my patients they have either felt very strange subtle changes within their bodies to more distinct direct effects or even a more spiritual enlightenment. Feelings of upliftment, more happiness and sense of contentment has also been commented by patients.  Whatever you felt there may be ongoing effects from the healing for some time after, may be for a few days up to a couple of weeks. The spirits will continue working with you to ensure the effect has taken place for what they want to accomplice for you.

Some of my patients have felt peculiar effects around their heads like a sense of release, an intense of heat from my hand in the local area or heat traveling up and down their bodies to more distinct direct effects where pain is felt in areas of the body where known problems exist. My patients have felt general improvements to their conditions overall to actual cures of muscular problems.

Please take note what you felt at the time of the healing and as well as after the event is evidence for your self that some change has taken affect. I do not profess to be the cure of your health condition in any shape or form  I am merely acting as the medium, the link between you and the spirit world for the transference of spiritual healing energy for your highest good.

Depending on your condition one healing sitting with me may suffice, however, more concerning conditions will require subsequent sittings. This is a decision to make for yourself as I will not ask you to return for another sitting.

Healing Sitting: £30

Personal Spiritual Sittings

If you or a few members of your friends or family would like to make a connection with spirit then why not book a personal spiritual sitting

As an acting medium, a link with myself and the spirit world, I work very closely with my spirit guide called George. Through a process of going into a trance this allows me to connect with George by blending my mind with that of the mind of my spirit guide and once the connection has been made George will then speak out. To enable the connection my wife usually accompanies me during the sitting to help facilitate the spiritual connection.

During the sitting the following may occur:

  • a communication about philosophy
  • personal and spiritual guidance
  • a loved one in spirit may connect with the medium and communicate with you
  • a chance for you to ask questions to spirit

The duration of the personal sitting depend on the number of people and usually an hour is typical

Cost: £30 per person