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Kinesiology (Touch for Health)

Kinesiology (Touch for Health)

Kinesiology is pronounced as kin-easy-ology, is a non invasive method of natural healthcare which increases mental awareness, helps reduce stress and physical pain, improves mental and sports performance and promotes health and wellbeing. This type of treatment can also help with physical, emotional and biochemical aspects of the body to work more efficiently, increase clear communication between the body systems and enable the body to use its natural resources to stay healthy

Kinesiology will improve your life and well-being and help toward fulfilling your potential. You could be looking for relief from physical difficulties, wanting help with emotional issues or just wanting to take more responsibility for your own health and wellbeing

It was developed by Dr. George Goodheart in the 1960s, Kinesiology is an exciting integration of proven techniques and principles from eastern and western medicine including Chiropractic, Chinese Medicine and the science of muscle movement. Kinesiology (Touch for Health) is based on traditional Chinese Medicine and using the principles of acupressure, nutrition and Tibetan energy.

Health Benefits of Kinesiology

Kinesiology has a significant impact on a wide range of health and will provide you with a greater sense of well-being. Kinesiology can:

  • Aid the healing of muscle injuries
  • Eliminate emotional, physical pain and mental stress
  • Improve mental clarity
  • Improve your outlook on life by goal setting
  • Help overcome past trauma
  • Identify nutritional deficiency or excess
  • Help overcome fears of past traumas and phobias
  • Enhance learning
  • Improve  performance at work and in sports

Please refer to our testimonials from our clients who have greatly benefited from kinesiology and other treatments we provide


How It Works?

Kinesiologists use muscle feedback as a stress monitor to identify imbalances in their client’s structuralchemicalmental and emotional energy systems. By correcting these imbalances the kinesiologist is able to re-activate the body’s built-in healing ability as well as identify external factors affecting the client’s well-being.

Kinesiology uses a variety of indicator muscles within the body to identify where energy isn’t flowing or where there could be muscular imbalances. Once an indicator muscle shows there is some treatment needed it will indicate to me the required treatment to release the blocked energy. Various techniques are used to remove blockages to the flow of energy as I will be made aware of what your body needs. Muscle testing is applied again to ensure the muscle imbalance is corrected allowing the flow of energy.

To receive treatment you need to wear comfortable clothing and you need to hydrate your body with plenty of water as the muscles won’t give an accurate feedback if dehydrated.

The results from using Kinesiology are quite astonishing with remarkable results achieved.

Price: £35 (per sessions)

Extra Free Treatment

We don’t stick to just one treatment, we can use extra tools to help move youon.

During your Kinesiology treatment sessions it may be necessary, as we’ll find out as we go along using special techniques, as to whether you will also need additional treatment such as Reiki or maybe Indian Head treatment as part of your overall healing. This is completely free as part of your Kinesiology treatment. The combination of Kinesiology and Reiki is a very powerful, wonderful experience that will get quicker and better results for you.


How Many Sessions do I Need?

We want to move you on as quickly as your body will allow us to.

On average, clients need approximately five treatment sessions in total to feel the real benefits.  The number of treatments needed depends purely on the person and severity of the complaint. Normally takes one hour and these treatments are not a quick fix. If it’s done correctly and you persist with the required number of treatment, then we should not need to see you for another 12 months, if that, and by which time, hopefully, it will be just for a tweak over one or two sessions. It will be your normal annual body service/mot.

Should this be of interest to you then we offer you two treatment payment packages in addition to your initial visit.

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