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Spiritual House/Business Cleansing

Spiritual House/Business Cleansing

Our homes are our sanctuaries, a place to shut off from the world, a place where we feel relaxed and at peace with ourselves. There is no place like our own home. And yet, there are times when we feel we are not at ease within the place we should cherish. So why is this?

Our homes, as you know, are built upon the land where the land has seen many years of history and activities during the centuries. Activities and events that have occurred on a piece of land can be of pleasant times or of very unhappy moments. Unhappy moments where dark forces have occurred that have created negative energies that remain residual upon this piece of land.

It is not surprising to think of our British history to what events have actually occurred that you immediately realise the reality and factualness of it all. Then it is also not surprising to realise that what negative activity did occur upon the land that now creates insincere feelings and feelings of great uneasiness.

The feelings that one gets can vary greatly such as:

  • An unhappy feeling
  • A tightness around the chest
  • Feelings of eeriness around you and you cannot explain what it is
  • Paranormal occurrences
  • Physical invasion of your space and body
  • Affecting relationships
  • Emotional trauma
  • A feeling of being watched
  • Oppressed
Spiritual House/Business Cleansing

Affecting the business

Then came along the house builder, unbeknown to them of any eeriness of the land upon which they have built your home. These residual energies will remain on the land, some of which can be disturbed for the greater good or some can be heightened to greater negative effect.

All of the above and much more unsavoury spookiness are all not to be accepted anymore in your life. As a person or as a family you do not deserve to have to endure the sufferings of these paranormal events within your own home as you have had no responsibilities for these occurrences ever taking place.

Apart from history, a building whether it’s a home or that of a business have all contained people and many of them over the years in a lot of buildings and people too can bring in their own negative energies. These negative energies can leave there own imprint within the fabric of a building. They have their own vibration frequencies and all too often leads to you not feeling good about yourself.

Heavy residual energy problems can be built from many layers of energy and/or negativity over years from previous or current occupants. Our current neighbours’ energy can also seep into our space, affecting our homes and auric fields.

In some cases, as we perceive events as being sinister to us it could actually be a kindly benign entity such as a loved one or family member that’s deceases and wishes to pass a message to you. Such a benign entity will persist in their own way either through paranormal or various spiritual activities in order to gain your attention. They are seeking a communication channel with you. Usually, all activities will stop as soon as the message has been received.

Within the Business

Of course it’s not only the home that’s affected too. Your business can also equally contain unwanted residual energies that are affecting the performance of your business and the employees who work there too.

There may be too many disharmonious feelings amongst the employees that all too often lead to too many arguments and ill feelings. Or the energies within the business are keeping your customers away. Either way, a spiritual cleanse of your business property will serve it well for the future.

The Spiritual Cleansing Solution

In the best efforts to get rid of all negative energies that are affecting you and your loved ones we have the ideal cleansing solution. My wife, Debbie and myself Andrew Harris work as a team and we have our own roles to play.

Debbie Debbie, is a great communicator with spirit and works with very high powerful energies as well as the angelic realm, and by being present with myself within your home or business she will be able to acknowledge what is causing the occurrences and or whether it is a benign entity that wishes to communicate with you. If this is established then Debbie will be able to guide you through this and help to facilitate the communication for you.

As for myself, Andrew, I work hand in hand with my spirit guide who acts as the gate keeper to the very high universal energies and allows and facilitates their work. I am not aware of what is occurring while I am in full trance as I am the pure channel to allow the power and the universal intelligences to commit to their work. Our universal intelligences will remove the unwanted energies from your home or business or will hold the hand of the entity that causes the ill effects to be guided and passed over and though the light.

AndrewTo allow this to work I am usually positioned somewhere centrally within the building or a known room of paranormal experiences, Debbie sits by my side. I then connect with my spirit guide and enter into a trance, Debbie will communicate if need be for spirit to direct her of what has been done and what we need to put into place so the energies can be moved on. This can last typically for approximately 30 minutes. It may also be suggested for you to purchase a particular crystal and be placed in a particular position if advised by my spirit guide. After the spiritual cleansing ceremony noticeable effect can be felt immediately or after a short while. Either way, the fabric of the building and that of the land will have been cleansed of all unwanted and unnecessary dark energies to enable a more harmonious life to be lived from there on.

If you live outside the Peterborough area then we will have to add for travelling expenses on top of our current charge. We can provide you with a quote for this upon the enquiry stage.

Price: £100 plus travelling expenses

Please contact us for a fixed price for travelling expenses, discuss your requirements for a house/business cleansing and to arrange a date and make payment.