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Metaphors – Training Course

Metaphors are a wonderful compliment to be added to your profile as a therapist if you have a great interest in wanting to move people onwards in life in a more positive way.

MetaphorsIt is often found when clients come to us for various types of therapy and during conversation it is discovered that the client has blockages thus preventing them to move forward in a fulfilling way. This can be rectified using Metaphors incorporated in with the Touch for Health techniques and by learning the existence of reflex points in our human design that can be touched to clear and balance energy.

We can all, sometimes, have issues within our lives that creates stagnation, a sense of not moving on or nothing seems to be getting better in life. These are all aspects within one’s life that requires a change of mind set. By developing a better self awareness of our own minds and of our body we can create a more positive view of life that can also lead to stress and pain relief. It will enhance energy flow and balance and can create spontaneous change- physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually

MetaphorsIt’s all about understanding the meaning of our purpose, more life enjoyment and greater satisfaction. This can help toward better relationships, career progression, improved health & wellbeing and many other aspects of life that we would like to achieve in life.

Metaphors are a perfect tool to learn to be able to unravel the client’s sub-conscious mind and be able to work with them and move them on to a much better place. It will enhance the Touch for Health balancing techniques that you already have allowing you to create more profound, effective and meaningful corrections. And by using the Chinese  5 Element Metaphors it will allow you to discover the meaning of your client’s life such as their goals, dreams, hopes, desires, duties, tasks, passions and vision. It can also allow you to assess the meanings of their symptoms of pain, fear, rigidity, inhibitions, tension and stiffness.

You will learn to:

  • Visualise colour techniques
  • Apply emotional stress release
  • Use sound to balance energy
  • Energy Balancing using Chinese 5 elements
  • Utilise the Touch for Health 14-muscle test with metaphors to improve awareness and positiveness for life allowing the energy to flow in the meridians.
  • Set positive goals
  • How to communicate with your client asking relevant questions.
  • Establish the emotions that relate to the goal or life issue
  • Improve posture and allow the flow of energy to facilitate positive changes
  • Know how to access the emotions as part of the memory

What you need

The criteria for this particular course is you will need to have Touch for Health Levels 1 & 2

Metaphors Training course is a 2 day course covering 16 hours of learning that explores the power of dialogue and intention in healing. We will provide you with volunteers to work and practice with during the course.

Course Price: £325


Balens Ltd are happy to Insure the courses that we offer by your submission of our course certificate.

Venue & Parking: Card Readings are held at: 34 Peterborough Road, Eye, Peterborough Cambridgeshire PE6 7YB

When you arrive please park your car on our drive so that no other cars are blocked in at the time. If you arrive early, Debbie may already be in a reading so please wait in your car. Debbie will see you and come out to collect you.