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About Us

About Us

Andrew & Debbie

Hello and welcome to Athena Holistics, a small family run business whose sole purpose is to embrace others of the true sense of bringing positivity into one’s life. With the opening of minds and willing to accept something new into your life along with a more positive mental approach you can conquer many things preventing you going forward through your path in life.

Our philosophy is to teach you new tools and skills to empower you even more in lots of different ways through our various healing techniques, affirmations and spirituality. We provide therapies as part of healing and also we are about education to teach new skills to others of all the therapies that we provide for new comers to the therapy industry as well as to existing practitioners.

Debbie and Andy come from professional backgrounds as qualified teachers with many years teaching within schools. Our own health and wellbeing has always been of priority to us throughout our lives and always conscious of what we eat and drink. We are also about keeping our bodies fit and able and doing exercise on a consistent basis allowing the intensity to be suitable to our own abilities and considering our age as well.

As a mother and father of two lovely daughters and lovers of our own animals we have always strived to emphasize the importance of good health and fitness and be aware of what we put into our mouths. The same also goes towards our own children and animals .

We are very much a part of our own small community of people called the “Circle of Friends” where we practice spirituality in a very unique way. For you to access any of our therapies or training workshops you will not be on your own as we are always here to welcome you, help you along your own journey with great support from the many within our Circle of Friends.

We are here for you, to listen and make the necessary choices required for your healing and change of mindset toward a much better life. Please feel free to wonder around this website and please ask any questions. Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you.

Our Staff

Andy Harris

Debbie Harris

Richard Baronowski

I’ve been practising Reiki for four years now, I work with amazing energies, incorporating crystal healing into my sessions and also work with colours and cards as needed for the client. I also perform Past Life Healing which enables us to heal on a soul level and initiate Angelic clearances of people, places and situations removing negative energy and attachments that can block us from moving forward.

I am a volunteer Reiki Therapist at Sue Ryder Hospice at Thorpe Hall in Peterborough and is a real privilege to work with the patients and staff. It is very humbling and certainly puts life into perspective!

It’s a great feeling to be a channel for healing others as well as myself and to help them on their spiritual journey, teaching them how to connect with their Archangel and other energies, we’re all constantly learning!

I work with gratitude,. truth, integrity and for the greater good of the Light.



Richard’s weekly Availability – Tuesday Evenings from 7pm onwards and Saturdays 10am to 2pm until further notice

Bev Prickett

My name is Bev Prickett, I’m an animal lover and enjoy connecting with Mother Earth so spend a lot of time walking my dogs and gardening.
I’ve been practising Reiki for 3 years now, I channel healing and messages from Archangel Uriel and work with the Angelic realm which is a real privilege and am overwhelmed by their love for us all.
It’s a great feeling to help and guide others on their spiritual journey with messages from the Archangels.
I work with gratitude and for the greater good of the Light.