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Indian Head Massage Training Course

Indian Head Massage Training Course

This is a wonderful course to add to your portfolio of therapy treatments as alternatives treatments.

This type of massage treatment concentrates on the areas most vulnerable to tension – the scalp, face, upper back, neck and shoulders.  Treatment can be carried out using dry hands, oil, floral waters or astringents depending upon the requirements of the client.  Indian head massage is excellent for many stress related problems and can be carried out over clothes if required.

During the treatment chakras or energy centres of the body are worked on restoring harmony and balance and leaving the client feeling totally relaxed and revitalised.

This is a one-full day course Please submit your application form by clicking on the link above and send by post or email.

This Holistic course will cover:

  • History and benefits of Indian Head Massage
  • Physical effects of the treatment
  • Massage mediums
  • Massage movements
  • Practical tuition on performing Indian Head Massage
  • Massage of the upper back, shoulders, neck, upper arms, scalp and face
  • Anatomy & Physiology aspects are covered as appropriate for the muscles used
  • Practical assessments and observations to assess your competency

Click the link for more information about Indian Head Massage Peterborough.

Also covered:-

  • Professional ethics
  • Client consultation and record-keeping
  • Safety and hygiene in the salon
  • Contra-indications to the treatment
  • Preparation of the client and materials
  • Anatomy and physiology
  • Client aftercare

Price: £250


Balens Insurers Ltd are happy to Insure the courses that we offer by your submission of our course certificate.

We will issue you with a certificate based on practical competence and good understanding of the subject

This is a one-full day course.

Venue & Parking: Card Readings are held at: 34 Peterborough Road, Eye, Peterborough Cambridgeshire PE6 7YB

When you arrive please park your car on our drive so that no other cars are blocked in at the time. If you arrive early, Debbie may already be in a reading so please wait in your car. Debbie will see you and come out to collect you.