I was sceptical at first but knew after the first workshop, Debbie would become an important part of my life. I feel so positive about life and where its going now. Debbie gives you the tools and love to make changes for the better.

Sona (Lifestyle Coaching – Heal Your Life Workshop Attendee)

I first came for an Angel Card Reading and was amazed at what she said. I have since been back for some sessions on wellbeing and can recommend to everyone. The sessions are comfortable, relaxed and welcoming.

Laura (Lifestyle Coaching – Heal Your Life Workshop Attendee)

Met Deb at a training weekend she was one of the guest speakers there. I’d been suffering with my right knee and I couldn’t run and my biking dropped down to 20 minutes per week. I’d already been to other professionals who said I’d have to live with the problem, but not being able to do my sport was getting me down. So, when Deb asked for volunteers to help with her research on if Kinesiology can be useful in sports I jumped at the chance. I really don’t know how it all works but visited Deb 4 times and now I am up to full training again, competing and just going for the odd visit to keep me in form.

Steve Age 46 (Triathlon Athlete)

“I first went to see Debbie in February with a target for a race in August. Throughout the six months Debbie helped with muscle balancing and improving both my gait and my posture. During this period my performance steadily improved, as did my general feeling of wellbeing. Come race day, despite some technical difficulties in the race itself, as a result of the work Debbie had been doing with me, I knew that I was physically and mentally capable of achieving my goals

Dave Age 34 (Triathlon Athlete)

I have been suffering psoriasis for some time now and I visited one of Debbie’s consultants who did a Life Style Analysis for me. One of the questions came up about skin problems. It was recommended that I try one of the specially formulated hand creams to relieve the symptoms. To my amazement, after using the cream for a week, I can already see the difference it has made.

Gill (Nurse)

Debbie has been visiting my home for two years to see my daughter, Sharon, who had just come out of hospital after having a stroke. She has been giving Sharon both a Pedicure and a Manicure, which has made Sharon very happy. She loves her nails being cared for and having her toe tails painted and with artwork put on. She is very impressed with the results each time. We have a chat and a laugh and we look forward to her visiting everytime.

Ann (Full Time Carer)

I have had several Kinesiology treatments by Andy, and to be honest I have been through hell and back. The treatments started ok, and then over a few weeks the treatments became very painful as my body was removing blockages. I felt awful; I was lethargic, I had greasy hair and skin, plenty of spots (I looked like I was 15 again!) However this has now all calmed down and the spots have gone, I am starting to feel much better in myself, with more energy and a more positive outlook in life. Many thanks Andy, well worth the pain for the other side is a much better place to be.


If you feel nervous about taking on a new treatment then there is no need as Andy (and Debbie) will both make you feel at home and take each person as an individual and will tailor your treatments accordingly using their atunement with your body and spirit. Although I am still fairly new to holistic therapies I would definitely recommend these treatments and Andy & Debbie and have found the benefits not only isolated to these therapies but a whole host of other related well being insight I have discovered since knowing these fantastic people and their other patients and meditation group members over the last year. Thank you!

Gill (Nurse)

Using Andy for the Kinesiology and Reiki was purely accidental and co-incidental, I had been attending meditation sessions with his wife, Debbie. I was a sceptic and wouldn’t normally have considered any type of alternative therapy. After a number of sessions of both Kinesiology and Reiki I must admit I am amazed at the results which were immediate and very much noticeable. The immediate results after each session left me pain free and with lots of energy. Before the sessions I was in much pain and had no energy whatsoever. Thank you Andy.

Mr Kirkman

Both Debbie & Andy are truly passionate about what they do in helping guide you to discover your own holistic journey or therapy best suited to you. Whether you already have an interest in this field or are a complete novice you are made to feel completely welcome and at ease and can expect to receive a great amount of insight, expertise and guidance to help you and in turn help yourself. So far I have had the pleasure of experiencing both Debbie and Andy’s therapies including Reiki, an angel card reading, and attend regular enjoyable meditation evenings. Im also currently trying a new natural herbal product as a result of a lifestyle anaylsis. Most of all they are both just lovely normal people who I’m sure would bring light and inspiration into anyone’s life who they meet or treat.

Ms Allcock

I have just completed a 6 week course of kinesiology/reiki with Andy to complement my weekly group meditation meetings run by Debbie, as part of my ongoing commitment to improve my physical and emotional well being. Kinesiology is something quite different and unusual and involves muscle testing and reactions with nothing other than the therapists hand and verbal guidance, no equipment or machines. In my case there was never any discomfort in any of the movements or reactions during my treatments although points in my body were identified which had energy blockages and then focused on via this technique to release and move on any blockages. Do be prepared to feel variable throughout a course of treatments; mine ranged from initially feeling some small but minimal effects, to a couple of very tiring and emotionally difficult weeks mid course, through to in the latter treatments feeling so much lighter in mind, a definite increase in energy and overall a stronger inner core and resilience to deal with life’s difficulties (as particular challenges relevant to your own life are built into the treatment intentions to tackle your reactions to dealing with personal stresses from the core). Please don’t let the harder times put you off, but naturally in release of negativity and bad energies your body has to go through an elimination process to a certain extent and other patients I have spoken to experienced similar – stick with it and it will come good again if you remain committed to your intention to tackle these hidden threats to your well being and not give up if you feel worse before you feel better!