Here, we provide you with some common questions that are asked by many of our customers.

Most Frequent Question - Customer

Can I go straight on to a level 2 qualification?

No. You will be required to start with the very foundations at a level 1 that will then enable you to go onto a level 2 qualification.

For the Training course – do I need to bring lunch with me

Yes please although we do provide refreshments and biscuits

If I have previously done a particular level of qualification with another training school, can I do the next level with you

yes, provided that we can see the certification of your qualification

Do you provide training on a one to one basis

Yes, we still provide a course even if one student is booked on to that course

From the selection of training dates you provide, cannot find a training date to suit me, can I still enquire?

Yes, please do. If there is a date that does not suit you for a particular course then please email us and let us know and we’ll see if we can provide a special training date for you

Do I need to bring anything with me for the training course?

No not really as we will provide everything for you for the day. If you want just bring in a note pad and pen just in case you want to make any additional notes

What do I wear for my therapy session or training course?

For your therapy session please wear normal clothes and we would ask that you remove your shoes before entering the therapy room. For any of our training courses we would ask that you wear casual clothes and socks or slippers. No shoes are allowed in the therapy room, this is our policy.

Where do I go when I arrive?

Please park on our drive (preferably not behind another car and not on the road side if you can) and head toward the reception gate. Through the door on your left is a bell on the counter, please press for attention.


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