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Let Us Open Up Your World

DebbieHello there. Never is there a coincidence of your landing on my page today. Maybe it’s not the right time or just maybe it’s precisely the right time to take action with your life. There is a very good reason why you are here now.

As a qualified therapist trainer and spiritualist for many years I have helped many people along their path toward fulfilment and develop more of their potential in spiritualism. I have also helped those to release blockages preventing them moving on in life. This will either serve as a kick start in life or to guide them along a new path of prosperity and abundance. My spiritual coaching is for those who are practicing spiritualists or existing healers and have now plateaued or those new to spiritualism and wants to awaken your connections for the first time.

There are times when some of us feel we are not on the right path in life. Times when you feel stuck in life, being held back or the feeling that you have more to give or gain from life but you simply don’t know what it is.

Feeling unworthy of yourself and or suffering very low esteem does not have to be kept in secret there is always someone you can talk to.

Did you know – your limited skills in spiritualism maybe preventing your auric energies reaching out to where it should be as well as your beliefs and thoughts can also affect this. The one aspect that can prevent potential growth within you is your health and life styles.
My offering to you – is a bespoke package tailored toward you. I have many tools in hand as described above that we can talk about in more detail when we meet. These tools will allow the expansion of your energies and the purity of light to connect with you to transform your life to a better place within your world and the outer world. You will also:

  • Get great support from our network of like minded people who are so supportive and well connected with one another that spread the word – LOVE
  • One to one private confidential discussions with myself
  • You’ll receive text communication with each other as part of your support and progress
  • Devise a plan of action as guided by myself and spiritual connections. This is all in connection with your higher self and you will know that this will feel right for you also.
  • We will tailor a bespoke plan involving some or all of the above mentioned tools

As for Yourself – you will need to:

  • Make a diary of events in your life
  • To put into practice all homework suggested with you from your 1:1 meetings
  • Take ownership of all guidance and philosophy given
  • To be open minded and accepting for what you are about to receive and give gratitude for this

Allow the channel to open for the communication to flow in accordance with your higher self. This is your journey. You have now taken the first most important step toward a better fulfilment in life that you will never look back upon. Welcome.

Your Bespoke Package

A bespoke package that will be discussed with you as I connect and be guided to meet your specific needs and then plan a course of action with you. This package involves 12 x 1 hourly sessions over as many weeks or months to suit you in accordance with your development and higher self along the way.

Price: £576 (£48 per session)

Spiritual Coaching

We can set up a monthly Direct Debit with monthly payment options via Go Cardless – Please contact us to set this up