Debbie & Andy are the founders of an holistic therapy and training centre that encompasses spirituality.

It is our sole purpose to help you to gain greater potential that will lead you to a more fulfilling life and working career.  We can help you reduce or remove pains and improve your clarity of mind.

What we do

Learn through our training courses & workshops

One to one sessions  with qualified therapists

 Health & fitness programs for your mind, body and soul

Mindfulness and positive thinking 

Spiritual coaching

How we do it

We offer individual trained therapists with personalised therapy sessions, see – therapists profile here at our centre. Our time together will be tailored to your own needs to ensure you get the best experience and healing.

Those who would want to learn or expand their existing portfolio of therapies, we offer you certificated training courses and workshops 

Some Reasons why People use us

  • Feeling lost, suffering pain, unwell or confused
  • Something feels wrong but you don’t know what it is
  • Looking or a more positive direction
  • To reduce stress & anxiety
  • To learn how to receive messages from the universe
  • To learn about the angelic realm, universal energies and all spiritual aspects
  • Feeling unfit, lacking confidence and low self esteem
  • To try  a new therapy

 Benefits of using our service

  • Being able to heal other people
  • A great way to develop your own therapy business or for personal advancement
  • To discover a new way of thinking within your world
  • Improve your health & fitness awareness, losing weight
  • Want to live a more fulfilling life where all life’s events fall into place
  • Improve goal setting and success reaching your goals
  • Generally feeling better within yourself
  • Improve sleep reduce anxiety and improve quality of life
Reiki Healing

£ 35.00

1 hour Session

Emotional Stress Relief

Healing Mind body & Soul

Remove past life experiences

Vitality & energy upliftment

Kinesiology Balancing


1 Hour Session

Food testing allergies

Relieve muscle pain

Achieve your Goals

Balance the mind & Body


Heal Yourself. Change your World.

Through our own experience over many years our clients and followers who achieve a balance between their mind, body and soul will go on to achieve peace, calmness and more empowered to cope with what life will throw at them. We have all the tools and a community base to guide you along the way. Our guided mission is to spread the light for you to Heal Yourself and change your world


Therapy Treatments

Angel Card readings

£ 25.00

Messages for your highest good

Indian Head Massage

£ 28.00

Relax & tension relief

Hopi Ear Candles

£ 25.00

Remove ear wax in a natural way

Reiki Healing

£ 35.00

Energy healing for upliftment


£ 35.00

Talking to your body through muscle testing

Healing Medium

£ 30.00

Channelling higher energies for your healing


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