Welcome to our training centre.

All the training we provide is conducted in our special therapy/training room to provide you a more relaxed informal training atmosphere for your learning. We are about education and empowering people to either look after yourself, physically, mentally and spiritually or to become a therapist and have your own successful business.

Our staffs have been particularly chosen to provide the teachings and we have our own good standards of training manuals and resources available on the day for your purchase if required.

Once you have become trained and competent in the chosen field of study you are then eligible for taking out your own insurance with Balens Insurers. All our training courses are supported by Balens Insurers. Just click on the link below for Therapist Insurance on the bottom footer of this page. There you will be given the opportunity for an insurance quotation.

Most of our students keep in touch with us for continuous support and mentoring, so you are not on your own. During the course of the year one day events are offered on our blog.  This is a good way of keeping up with CPD and generally networking with other people or just like learning.

Here are all the courses and workshops we offer you:

Reiki Levels 1-3 and Reiki Master Teacher – Learn the principals of applying Reiki as the life force energy and be spiritually guided for the healing onto others.

Angelic Reiki – Learn to work with the Reiki principals and learn to connect with the archangels to bring through wonderful energies

Kinesiology Levels 1-4 – Muscle testing using many of the body’s muscles to pinpoint health conditions and to apply very tools at your disposal to remedy these conditions for wonderful health improvements.

Indian Head Massage – Teaches you all the important techniques for a stimulating massage to bring about greater relief.

Hopi Candle ear waxing – learn to remove wax in a very natural way

Metaphors Training – Learn to change your client’s mindset and improve self awareness to bring about better changes

Life Style Coaching (Louise Hay) Heal your Life – Lear to overcome obstacles and blockages preventing you moving forward in life

Angel Card Reading Workshop – Learn to connect with Angel cards and provide the most appropriate, meaningful message for your recipient on the day.