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Hopi Candles

Benefits of Hopi Candles

Here are some of the benefits that Hopi ear candles can be helpful with:

  • Cleaning out excessive or compacted wax in the ears
  • Cleaning out yeast build up and dispelling fluid build up
  • Promoting lymphatic circulation Improving immune system
  • Eliminating backed up mucus
  • Alleviating allergic conditions
  • Discouraging candidia
  • Diminishing chronic sinusitis
  • Enhancing hearing, or even taste and smell
  • Relieving ear pain
  • Restoring equilibrium or pressure in the ear (eg for frequent flying, sports such as diving, etc)
  • Stimulating of local and reflex energy flow
  • Noises in the ears, ringing, tinnitus

Hopi candles ear treatment peterboroughRemember, if in doubt, always contact your GP.

How It Works

The client rests on the coach relaxing, while I place a candle in the ear (I use only candles made from Bees Wax).

You are usually asked to lie comfortably and to relax. The hopi ear candle is then gently placed into the auditory canal, where it is lit and held in a vertical position.Hopi Candles The therapists hands keep the candle steady. You will then experience a pleasant crackling sound and a warm comfortable feeling as the candle burns. The candle is allowed to burn down until it reaches a specific marker indicated on its side and then it is taken away while you lie there for a few moments. The process is then repeated on the other ear.

The ear candling treatment is a relaxing one and the patient need only concern themself with lying fairly still in a comfortable position whilst the hopi ear candle is gently inserted into their ear.

When lit, the ear candles have a slight sucking action often referred to as the chimney principle, drawing any impurities to the surface through the chimney where they can be gently removed. The rising air inside the ear sets up a vibration, which gently massages the eardrum. This can help to regulate the pressures involved inside the ear.

Price: £25 (both ears)

When you make an appointment – please download the following pdf files for completion and bring in with you on your day of the appointment:

Venue & Parking: Card Readings are held at: 34 Peterborough Road, Eye, Peterborough Cambridgeshire PE6 7YB

When you arrive please park your car on our drive so that no other cars are blocked in at the time. If you arrive early, Debbie may already be in a reading so please wait in your car. Debbie will see you and come out to collect you.