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Debbie Harris

28 February 2019

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New – Crystal Shop Peterborough

New – Crystal Shop Peterborough

New – Crystal Shop Peterborough

It has always been our passion to understand the properties of crystals of all shapes, sizes and colours from pendulums, tumble stones, spheres and geodes. As well as they are fascinating to look at in the light with all their natural formations and colours they too play an important part in the healing of many aspects within our lives. We are now opening our new shop on a 1:1 session with dedicated time with Debbie who has a lot of knowledge on the properties and usefulness of all types of crystals to share with you.


Have a look at our shop – Click Here



One to one Crystal Session

Our shop is steadily growing and we now have lots of crystal bracelets, pendulums, Gemstones, tumble stones, rough crystals, Spheres, Geodes and various Angelic objects.

For a one to one crystal session we offer you the following:

  • 1:1 session with Debbie to help choose the right crystal
  • Dedicated 1 hour session only
  • Provide you with the crystal’s properties and what its for
  • How to care and cleanse your crystal

To Book

To book a dedicated one to one crystal session with Debbie please purchase a £10 voucher by clicking here

Then email us to arrange an appointment for you and your friend should you wish to be accompanied with. Your £10 voucher will go toward the cost of your crystal purchase. We do not offer any refunds on the voucher or money exchange.

Some Background Stuff

Even today, we still implement the use of these gorgeous crystals formed naturally by mother earth to share with our clients for healing while achieving amazing results. They will always remain part of our work and fascination.

Over the years we have sold crystals to many healers and customers and gradually our shop has steadily grown. Crystals of all types are specifically chosen for the healer or customer at the time of healing or for their own purchase. Sometimes we will buy in stock of a certain type not knowing why we’ve bought it to later find out that it was for a particular person. Crystals will find their rightful owner eventually.

To give a wonderful example, Andy attended an Angelic course about 5 years ago and during his connection while meditating he saw a clear image of a purple angel surrounded by white. Later, all participants discussed their experience and it prompted one of the ladies on the course to mention that a few weeks ago she went to a crystal shop and for some unknown bizarre reason she felt impelled to buy an object knowing strongly it wasn’t for her. It so happens that she actually bought a very small purple colour angel with white markings on and she gave it to Andy – the rightful owner who still has it to this day. All meant to be and it was an unforgettable moment for Andy.

So not all crystals are meant for you but there will always be the right one for you. This, we feel, is a natural way for us to work and we feel and share the joy when a crystal finds its owner. We find it so beneficial by providing a one to one crystal session for our healers and customers to ensure the right crystal is for you. It’s a very relaxed approach where you are under no pressure at all while providing you with the opportunities to ask questions and be more inquisitive. In this way you are learning. We do this while having a chat and a cuppa.