Hopi Candle – 21st October 2023


Time: 12 – 4pm

Ear candles are completely natural.  The candles are hollow and consist of an organic linen interior, which is coated with a wax exterior.  The candle is carefully inserted in the ear and slowly burned.  Ear candling is mostly used for its physical benefits such as healing ear, nose, throat, respiratory and sinus problems.

This Hopi course will cover:

  1. History and benefits of ear candling
  2. Physical effects of the treatment
  3. Practical tuition on performing ear candling
  4. Practical tuition on performing pressure point facial and scalp massage

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Also covered:-

  1. Client consultation and record-keeping
  2. Safety and hygiene in the salon
  3. Contra-indications to the treatment
  4. Preparation of the client and materials
  5. Anatomy and physiology
  6. Client aftercare
  7. Professional ethic