Reiki 3B – Master Teacher – 20th May 2023


This will allow you to teach and attune students. Since July 2010 there has been a national requirement to have a recognised teaching qualification. You may also need to gain a recognised teaching qualification to teach people to teach

This is a fully certificated workshop.

The workshop will cover:
Reiki Master Meditation
Preparations for beginning and Attunement
The Violet Breath
Advanced Healing Attunement
Master Symbols
How to give Attunements
Antahkarana – ancient symbol of healing
Class outlines/planning a lesson
Running a Reiki Share
Reiki Master Attunement


You will be given 1 comprehensive manual covering all the information you need to understand, to be able to work as a Master Teacher.

You will also be given a notebook to diarise your healing and teaching session Debbie can offer full support after completion of the workshop by telephone or email and during workshops that you are teaching.  You will be expected to attend Debbie’s Reiki shares in order to share your experiences and enhance your skills. You will also be expected to prepare and run a Reiki share.